Weekend Weather: April 6-7, 2013

Apr 07, 13 Weekend Weather: April 6-7, 2013

World Weather Recap from the Past Week

Looking across the United States, some big weather stories of the past week included the severe weather that hit the Gulf Coast and southeast this past week. Wind reports of 60mph occurred through southern Mississippi, while large hail and tornadoes struck Florida. Heavy rains also hit the same region this past week, with some places getting around two to four inches of rain. The unseasonable cold weather impacted the northern plains and Great Lakes again this past week. A large region of cold air also broke out over portions of Russia and into eastern Asia this past week, with places seeing temps well below normal.

World Weather Headlines for Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7

Strong storm systems will impact Japan with showers and thunderstorms possible for the area. A wet start to the weekend for eastern Australia as a frontal boundary moves through the region. Multiple areas of low pressure will move through the northern part of the United States, bringing increased chances of rain and snow to the region. Northern Japan will see snowfall for Sunday, as eastern Australia begins to dry out. Snow will still be over the northern Plains and working to the Hudson Bay area by Sunday.

World Weather forecast for select cities across the globe for April 6 and 7, 2013

New York, NY: Partly cloudy skies will dominate the weekend as high temps rise to the 40-45F (3-7C) range for Saturday and then around 55-60F (12-16C) for Sunday. Winds will be from the south around 15-20mph (20-30kph) this weekend.

London, England: Partly cloudy skies will dominate the weekend with high temps around 44-48F (6-8C) for Saturday and 44-48F (6-8C) again on Sunday. The winds will be southeast 5-10mph (10-15kph) through the weekend.

New Delhi, India: Sunny skies for the weekend and very warm as high temps on Saturday will be around 90-94F (32-34C). As for Sunday, expect to see warmer conditions as high temps rise to around 94-98F (34-36C). The winds will be from the northwest 10-15mph (15-20kph) this weekend.

Tokyo, Japan: Mostly cloudy skies with showers will impact the area on Saturday, with total rainfall amounts around 0.8-1.2in (22-27mm). High temps will be around 66-70F (19-21C) for Saturday as winds will be from the southwest 20-25mph (30-50kph). Sunday the skies will become partly cloudy with high temps around 62-66F (16-19C) as the winds become westerly 15-20mph (20-30kph).

Rio de Janeiro: The region will enjoy partly cloudy skies through the weekend with high temps around 78-82F (25-27C) for Saturday and then 76-80F (23-25C) on Sunday. The winds will be light this weekend less than 5mph.

Sydney, Australia: Saturday will be cloudy with a few showers in the area. Total rainfall will be around 0.1-0.3in (1-4mm), while high temps will be around 68-72F (20-22C,) along with southeast winds 10-15mph (15-20kph). Sunday conditions will become partly cloudy with high temps around 68-72F (20-22C) and the winds will be southeast 10-15mph (15-20kph).

Image Credit: Alinute Silzeviciute / Shutterstock

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