The Storm Report Blog For April 8-11, 2013

Apr 09, 13 The Storm Report Blog For April 8-11, 2013

Left Map Discussion: The latest satellite imagery shows our developing storm system sitting back over the southwest and the Rockies. This storm will gain strength and begin pushing eastward over the forecast discussion period creating a large array of impacts from severe weather to heavy rains and even blizzard conditions.

Right Map Discussion: The forecasted track for the low pressure center is indicated by the yellow arrows moving through the area. The next three days will take the low pressure area out over Oklahoma and then northeastward towards Missouri and into the Great Lakes, before turning eastward and heading over the northeast. The northern edge of this storm is going to have enough cold air in place that we could see record setting snowfall for many places from Colorado to South Dakota. The southern side of the storm will have severe weather with it; the concentrated severe weather outbreaks could occur over multiple days from eastern Texas and Oklahoma east-northeastward across the Gulf Coast and into portions of the southeast.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Tuesday April 9 Discussion: Low pressure will move out into the central plains during this time and the onset of very heavy snow will develop. If you look at the image to the right, we can see the heaviest snowfall rates will be found in South Dakota, with places like Rapid City, SD picking up about six to eight inches during this time. Sioux Falls SD will see about three to five inches during this same time, while Denver will be dealt about four to six inches as well. Severe weather will also start to fire up over the southern plains from Texas northward into Arkansas and Oklahoma during this time.

Wednesday April 10 Discussion: During this time the storm will push towards Missouri, allowing for another day of heavy snow across the northern plains. Places like Sioux Falls, SD  will be picking up another four to six inches of snow for the day, while places further north, around Watertown, SD, will get about two to four inches during this time frame. Minneapolis, MN will be picking up about two to four inches during this time.  The severe weather will be ramping up again as it pushes slightly eastward into Arkansas, Louisiana and parts of Mississippi during this time.

Thursday April 11 Discussion:  This time frame will have the strong low pressure area moving towards northern Illinois and the Great Lakes region, expect to see heavy rainfall from Illinois southward to the Gulf Coast. The winter side of this storm will still be producing snowfall, some which may be heavy for places like Minneapolis MN, where they could pick up about two to four inches of snow; further east along the lakes expect to see up to six inches of snowfall. Severe weather will be confined to the Gulf Coast and southeast during this day, as a strong squall line will push out ahead of the main cold front.

This is going to be one of the biggest storms that we have seen across the country in a while, with a large amount of people going to see some sort of impact from severe weather to blizzards; power outages will be high.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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