The Green Minute: Plastics And Our Oceans

Apr 26, 13 The Green Minute: Plastics And Our Oceans

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

Plastic are having a devastating impact on worldwide wildlife, especially on our oceans. Below is a powerful video promoting the ‚Äúplastic pledge‚ÄĚ at Save My Oceans.

Some of the facts:

* Every hour, Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles;

* Every week, around the world we go through 10 billion plastic bags;

* Every year, we create enough plastic film to shrink wrap the state of Texas;

* Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today!

Solutions? Seek alternatives to plastics. Use your own bottle. Use your own reusable bags. Recycle whenever possible.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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