The Green Minute: Auntie Litter – Reuse, Reduce Waste, Recycle

Feb 11, 13 The Green Minute: Auntie Litter – Reuse, Reduce Waste, Recycle

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

Twenty-four years ago, in Birmingham, Alabama, a local educator by the name of Pat Mitchell walked into my office at the Alabama Conservancy with enthusiasm and great idea. A dedicated environmentalist, Pat had created a new environmental “superhero” called Auntie Litter. I encouraged her to follow her dreams and she ran with it and within a couple of years was honored by President George Bush in the early 90s.

For today’s Green Minute, we are publishing some of Auntie Litter’s catchy songs and videos urging people to Reuse, Reduce Waste, Recycle!  Warning: Once you hear and view this video, you can’t get the tunes out of your head!

Very effective songs with an important message:

Recycle Rap

Pollution Patrol March

Auntie Litter History with President George Bush

Image Credit: Photos.com

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