Five Years Ago, ISS Was Commanded By A Girl

Oct 12, 12 Five Years Ago, ISS Was Commanded By A Girl

The book of space history had a new chapter written into it five years ago, as NASA astronaut Peggy A. Whitson became the first women to take charge of the International Space Station.

For years, cootie-ridden boys had been in command of the ISS, but Whitson changed history for female space explorers by showing that you don’t need a penis to be in charge.

Peggy launched from this planet towards space with Expedition 16 cremates on the Soyuz TMA-11, along with astronauts Scott Parazynski, STS-120 mission specialist, and Daniel Tani, Expedition 16 flight engineer.

For 191 days, 19 hours and 8 minutes, Whitson had to deal with fart jokes, smelly feet and plenty of leftover stank in the ISS bathroom before completing her mission.

The five year anniversary of the accomplishment comes the same year that the true woman pioneer passed away.

Sally Ride, who was the first female American astronaut, died on July 23 this year after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

If it wasn’t for a pioneer like Ride, women like Peggy may have not been given the opportunity to command the space station.

Image Credit: NASA

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