Why Bad Breath Complaints Heat Up In The Summertime

Jul 23, 14 Why Bad Breath Complaints Heat Up In The Summertime

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Whether it’s a picnic, beach day, family gathering or a night out with friends, summer is a time when people come together for fun. Unfortunately, there is often a fly in the ointment when embracing the “fun season” – higher gas prices, forgetting your sunscreen, waiting in line for the rollercoaster, or that great social buzz kill, bad breath.

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Tour De France Champion Rides The Chunnel

Jul 10, 14 Tour De France Champion Rides The Chunnel

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Last month, in the run-up to the Tour de France, which began in Yorkshire and had three days on British roads, Chris Froome took part in a very special ride -- in the Channel Tunnel, also known as the Chunnel!

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Microsoft’s Cortana Nails All World Cup Predictions

The digital personal assistant on Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana, has correctly predicted the outcomes of all elimination round matches at the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup so far. Reports of the smartphone feature's success already began to appear during the first elimination phase.

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The Science Of Celebrating The Fourth (Of July)

Who does not love a good fireworks show? Nowadays, I do not enjoy these shows as much. Thanks to a level of acute hearing, the sound of the exploding fireworks can be painfully deafening. Still, that does not stop the science behind those incredible light shows from being a source of endless fascination.

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Happy World UFO Day!

Jul 02, 14 Happy World UFO Day!

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At the end of this week, most Americans will be celebrating the Fourth of July with family and friends, but if you are looking for a different kind of celebration, look no further. Today, July 2, 2014, is World UFO Day. And just how can we celebrate this day? Well, let's take a look at some suggestions.

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How To Remember June 28 – 100 Years Later

Jun 28, 14 How To Remember June 28 – 100 Years Later

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This year, June 28 marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand -- heir apparent of the Austro-Hungarian Empire -- in Sarajevo. By early August the major powers of Europe were at war and the world would truly never be the same again.

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Father’s Day Flashbacks

Jun 15, 14 Father’s Day Flashbacks

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Every year when Father's Day comes along, I get a few flashbacks. Like the first time you bring your first newborn baby home. You are on your own. It's a bit like setting up a new PC or a complicated piece of flat-packed furniture. You have the instructions, but nothing seems to fit. In the worst case scenario you can go get another one. You can’t do that with a baby.

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Being A Son On Father’s Day

Jun 14, 14 Being A Son On Father’s Day

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I am not yet a father (as far as I know), but I thought I would like to write something about Father's Day, especially considering my father also writes for redOrbit. It is not always easy to look to deeply at the mechanisms of any family relationship, or the dynamics of any close personal relationship at all. Well, certainly not for British people, anyway.

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Flea Season Is Here

Jun 09, 14 Flea Season Is Here

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Summertime is great for having fun in the sun or taking some time to relax in the warmer weather. The warmer temperatures, however, bring other less desired things as well. About a week ago, I walked into my mother’s house and I was shocked at what we found inside. This was an infestation.

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Sunscreen Mistakes (Part 2)

Jun 09, 14 Sunscreen Mistakes (Part 2)

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Every day, we make mistakes in applying our sunscreen. This series identifies 15 of these mistakes as laid out by Health.com. Part 1 identified the first eight mistakes. Now, let’s look at the last seven.

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