Remembering That Smell

Apr 17, 14 Remembering That Smell

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Everyone gets these scent-induced memory triggers from time to time, as our sense of smell is strongly tied to memory, but until now we have had little understanding of just how it works. Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience have recently found the process behind this.

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The Future Goblin Race

Apr 15, 14 The Future Goblin Race

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An article resurfaced on the BBC website’s list of ‘Most Read’ that I remember interested me the first time back in 2006, about the potential for the human race to effectively split into two, with one lovely, shiny, smart and athletic class, and one class of short, “dim-witted” goblins. A very odd prospect.

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For The Love Of Plants

Apr 15, 14 For The Love Of Plants

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We all have things we are passionate about. It’s what makes us human. For me, it’s writing, tabletop games, and music. For others, it may be things like sports, television shows, celebrities, family history, acting, or countless other things. For Jeff Benca, a self proclaimed “uber-geek” , that passion is for plants.

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An Unsolved Mystery Of The Amazon

Apr 15, 14 An Unsolved Mystery Of The Amazon

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My typical Sunday afternoon involves sitting on the couch watching a NASCAR race. However, Sunday, April 6th was a little different. As I looked through the guide to see what other interesting program was on, I came across a rerun of Animal Planet’s River Monsters. Of course I had never seen it before, so I decided to check it out.

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The Wives Of Los Alamos: A Novel

Apr 11, 14 The Wives Of Los Alamos: A Novel

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In 1943, a disparate group of scientists was approached about a project to "help the war effort." They agreed, and the Manhattan Project was born. We've spent our lives studying these men, understanding their science, their motivations, and their lives after. But what about the wives and children who followed them into the desert?

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The Study Of Rage-Quitting

Though I have been enjoying Hearthstone a great deal, 20+ losses in a row with most being completely one sided is enough to make me realize I need to walk away from the game for a bit else risk snapping my keyboard in half. As much as we love games, they do have a tendency to make us angry.

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Clear Your Plate For The Planet

Apr 09, 14 Clear Your Plate For The Planet

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We all know that on a global scale there's not enough food to go round, yet some of us throw away enough food to feed a hungry pack of gibbons. Food waste is a global problem and reducing it is a major issue for many countries.

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STEM Music Videos Help Students Learn

Apr 08, 14 STEM Music Videos Help Students Learn

Posted by in Education, Science

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are all disciplines that need interested students. However, the STEM disciplines find themselves struggling for good participants, especially good female participants. Thus, current researchers and scientists are looking into ways to perk up interest.

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Dig For History And You Might Find Trouble

Apr 07, 14 Dig For History And You Might Find Trouble

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There is an old saying about visiting historic sites – you should only take pictures and leave only footprints. A 91-year old man, Donald Miller, is now being investigated for a collection of artifacts that he reportedly acquired over at least eight decades.

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Recycling Takes A Turn For The Kinky

Apr 06, 14 Recycling Takes A Turn For The Kinky

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Okay, I admit it. I am addicted to sex toy sites. I troll them like crazy looking, and lusting over, the latest and greatest. One of my ambitions in life is to find a way to become a sex toy reviewer so that I don't have to spend money to support my shopping habit.

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