Some Teen Spirit Deodorant To Go With That Nirvana Video?

Oct 01, 14 Some Teen Spirit Deodorant To Go With That Nirvana Video?

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Because the music industry apparently hasn’t sold enough of its soul, someone has figured out a way to stick new products into classic music videos. So don’t be surprised if at some point in the near future you see Nirvana singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with an actual stick of Teen Spirit.

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Blurry Mess To Pro Shots: iPhone’s Photography Evolution

We all know how much Apple’s iPhone has improved since its first incarnation in 2007, but one photographer’s efforts help us to show just how far the product has come in terms of taking photos.

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Tesla’s Rivalry With Edison: Two New Movies Disagree

Thomas Edison is viewed by many people as a scoundrel who stole ideas and sabotaged the work of others, particularly in regard to Nikola Tesla, who is portrayed as a rival. In 2015, two movies, both called Tesla will be released, but both will, it seems, have different views on the fabled rivalry.

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Rock Is Dead, Says KISS Frontman – Only In His Ostentatious Form Of It, Say I

In an interview with Esquire, KISS frontman Gene Simmons says that “Rock is finally dead.” He laments that it did not die naturally, but rather was “murdered,” in part by poor business practices and "file-sharing and downloading" by people who thought they "were entitled to have something for free."

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Lego Band Plays Real Music – Awesome Or Worrying?

The Kotaku blog has a video of LEGO figures playing Everything Counts by Depeche Mode. Should we be pleased or worried? As most sane, or possibly cynical, readers may have guessed, the figures didn’t wander into a rehearsal room, have a couple of cigs and crack wise about groupies before striking up the tune.

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Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, But Is It Stronger?

Aug 31, 14 Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, But Is It Stronger?

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Mark Twain said, "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't." In the US, the movie industry is a multi-billion dollar business. In fact, according to The Numbers, 2013 saw a total revenue of $10.68 billion. We like going to the movies. They let us escape our own lives, become part of something larger, or connect with other people. But what kind of movies do we prefer?

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Doctor Who Timeline: What Is The Doctor’s Real Age?

Aug 23, 14 Doctor Who Timeline: What Is The Doctor’s Real Age?

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Tonight's premiere of "Doctor Who" Season 8 has fans anxiously waiting to meet Peter Capaldi, the new face of the Doctor. Capaldi's doctor will be the 12th -- or 13th, depending on how you count John Hurt's The War Doctor -- regeneration of the beloved Time Lord. Over the show's 50-year run, the question of how old the doctor is has never been fully answered.

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Chris Hadfield Memoir To Become ABC Sitcom

Aug 21, 14 Chris Hadfield Memoir To Become ABC Sitcom

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is a rock star among geeks. His cover version of the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” has been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube. Those are numbers that ABC’s reality show The Bachelor could only dream of matching. So should we be surprised that the American broadcaster wants to make a sitcom out of Hadfield’s life?

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New Comedy Movie Explores Video Gaming’s Dark Past

Aug 17, 14 New Comedy Movie Explores Video Gaming’s Dark Past

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In the same week that Sony announced their rapid march to the sale of 10 million PlayStation 4s worldwide, I have also been reading about less happy times for video gaming in the early 80s, and how a new movie is about to be released about a rather bizarre episode from that period.

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The Music Of The Sky

Nature is full of its own wonderful music, if you just take the time to listen. Normally, when someone says something like this, they are referring to the song of birds or the sound of wind. It is beautiful in its own right. Now, nature has taken up a different tune. Someone thought it would be a remarkable thing to teach the clouds how to play a piano. You know what? They were right.

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