The Secret To Skin Health May Live In Your Armpits

Sep 30, 14 The Secret To Skin Health May Live In Your Armpits

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Teenagers around the world, or more accurately their parents, spend hard-earned money on acne treatments that simply don’t work. But what if the answer to clear skin laid not in a clean face but a dirty one? Working on this premise, a skin company has created a topical solution they predict will be used to treat everything from pimples to chronic wounds, but you won’t believe its main ingredient: underarm bacteria.

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Ello: Facebook’s Morally Superior Alternative

Sep 30, 14 Ello: Facebook’s Morally Superior Alternative

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It was launched in March without very many people noticing, but is experiencing a new surge in popularity that nobody can fully explain. Ello, the social network that has no advertising, requires that new members have an invitation in order to join. So sought after are the invitations that they are being bought and sold on eBay. Not unexpectedly, Ello is being talked about in the context of representing an alternative to Facebook.

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What Kind Of Brain Is Capable Of Learning 20 Languages?

Sep 30, 14 What Kind Of Brain Is Capable Of Learning 20 Languages?

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Most people are happy enough to master one language (if they can even do that). The determined and perhaps diverse in heritage may reach two or three. But as the linguistic catalog grows to a half dozen and higher, scientists start to take notice. And Tim Doner, they notice.

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Wallpaper Design Goes Digital

Sep 30, 14 Wallpaper Design Goes Digital

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If you're looking for a fun and unique way to update your space before heading into hibernation mode, we have a suggestion for you: NewWall. The company specializes in transforming a space by revamping its walls. The Toronto-based firm recently began working with J&V Digital wallcovering to craft 3D murals and prints that can be splayed across a basic space to give it a little life.

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India Proves That Space Exploration Can Be A Low-Budget Affair

Sep 30, 14 India Proves That Space Exploration Can Be A Low-Budget Affair

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The sum of $74 million doesn't go as far as it used to: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell earned that amount in just the past two years. A Los Angeles home once owned by Walt Disney recently sold for $74 million. In India, however, $74 million is all that's needed to send a satellite into orbit around Mars.

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Do Periods Really Make Women Moody?

Sep 29, 14 Do Periods Really Make Women Moody?

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There comes a time in every woman’s life — specifically once a month — where she will most likely hate everything and everyone. Men and women equally recognize the strong association between a woman’s mood and her menstrual cycle. According to the folks over at ASAPScience, PMS, not periods, are actually what make women moody.

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Is The Cassette Renaissance For Real?

Sep 29, 14 Is The Cassette Renaissance For Real?

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On Saturdays outside my Brooklyn apartment, you can buy used cassette tapes from an older couple who set up shop each week with a modest tag sale. The tapes are dusty and cost $1, though on Amazon they would not be worth the cash it costs to ship them.

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Blurry Mess To Pro Shots: iPhone’s Photography Evolution

We all know how much Apple’s iPhone has improved since its first incarnation in 2007, but one photographer’s efforts help us to show just how far the product has come in terms of taking photos.

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Why A Kick To The Groin Is Every Man’s Kryptonite

Sep 28, 14 Why A Kick To The Groin Is Every Man’s Kryptonite

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If any of you are fans of the show Friends, then you’ll remember this scene from the series finale in which Chandler asks Erica, the biological mother of his and Monica’s adopted twins, “So, you ever wonder which is worse, you know, going through labor or getting kicked in the nuts?” That question has lingered in my mind ever since .

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Antibiotic Acknowledgment

Sep 28, 14 Antibiotic Acknowledgment

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How much do you really know about antibiotics? I mean, what's to know, right? They are medicine. You take them in order to feel better. Once they have done their job and you are feeling better, it’s fine to just throw out the rest of the bottle, right? I mean, your doctor probably just prescribed that many to you because they were not sure how much it would take to get you back on your feet. Wrong.

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