Poveglia Island: World’s Most Haunted Place For Sale

Apr 19, 14 Poveglia Island: World’s Most Haunted Place For Sale

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In the Venetian Lagoon of northern Italy is an island that is divided by a small canal. It is called Poveglia, first inhabited by people from Padua and Este escaping the wrath of a barbarian invasion in 421. It began to be populated in the 800s and grew until the people were attacked by the Genons in 1379.

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The Dungeon Crawl

Apr 19, 14 The Dungeon Crawl

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Whether met with cries of joy or moans of disdain, dungeon crawls are found in many role-playing games. Dungeons crawls are what players have come to refer to expansive dungeons (be they actual dungeons or not) filled with monsters and treasure.

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What’s A Cassette?

Apr 18, 14 What’s A Cassette?

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The Huffington Post this week published a video by TheFineBros of sneering and/or bewildered kids looking at cassette Walkmans. Watching it is an example of one those situations where we for some reason enjoy feeling old and outdated. The kids may have better technology now, but we have seen things.

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A Triple Threat To Cancer

Apr 18, 14 A Triple Threat To Cancer

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In the past few years, there has been a lot of progress made with chemotherapy drugs being delivered by nanoparticles, but even these have a limit. Fortunately, there has recently been a breakthrough in nanoparticle science that has overcome this limitation.

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New England’s Darkest Day

Apr 18, 14 New England’s Darkest Day

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It was May 19, 1780, and the skies over New England and parts of Canada grew dark. So dark that the afternoon featured people eating their lunch by candlelight.

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House Rules

Apr 18, 14 House Rules

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Almost every game group has their own list of house rules they play by. House rules are additional rules that you introduce to your game that are not found in the core rulebook.

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Caterpillar Machines Play Giant Jenga

Apr 17, 14 Caterpillar Machines Play Giant Jenga

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Caterpillar Inc. has created a gigantic game of Jenga using 27 wooden blocks weighing 272 KG each. All can be seen in the video, including the eventual thunderous collapse.

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Remembering That Smell

Apr 17, 14 Remembering That Smell

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Everyone gets these scent-induced memory triggers from time to time, as our sense of smell is strongly tied to memory, but until now we have had little understanding of just how it works. Researchers at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience have recently found the process behind this.

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The Shaming Of Strangers

Apr 17, 14 The Shaming Of Strangers

Posted by in An English Angle, Technology

In the never ending search for new sources of titillation on social media sites, a new trend has emerged and it is dividing opinion in a big way. It has been labelled “stranger shaming” and the latest incarnation – “Women Who Eat On Tubes” – has caused a big stir.

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NASCAR Legend In The Making

Apr 17, 14 NASCAR Legend In The Making

Posted by in At The Track, Automotive

For all of you hardcore NASCAR fans, you know what I am talking about. However, for the remaining bunch that occasionally watch a race or don’t watch any at all, there is an up and coming racing star.

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