Feathery Dinosaurs

Jul 21, 14 Feathery Dinosaurs

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We have come a long way in our understanding and knowledge of dinosaurs since I was a kid. Even just in the last few years, there has been a surge of new information brought to light about our planet’s previous tenants. Take the fact that some dinosaurs had feathers, for example.

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A Hospital Traveler

Jul 20, 14 A Hospital Traveler

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If you try to carry too much of your regular life into a public hospital ward, you are doomed. Check in your precious privacy at the entrance and reset your standards of dignity to low grade expectation levels. Above all enter with an open mind.

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World Cup – The Wrong Kind Of Knockouts

Jul 19, 14 World Cup – The Wrong Kind Of Knockouts

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The later games of the soccer World Cup are named the “knockout” stages, possibly for the wrong reasons. Have you ever suffered from concussion? It’s not a great place to be is it? Concussion is really no laughing matter – recovery takes time and the harmful long-term effects are only now being researched properly.

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World Land Speed Record Attempt

Jul 19, 14 World Land Speed Record Attempt

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Ever since I was a child watching my dad race around the local track in his stock car, power and speed has had a soft spot in my heart. Seeing cars go as fast as they can in a circle was exciting, but as I got older and dad didn’t race anymore, my attention focused on the drag strip.

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Open Wide And Swallow Those Bugs

Jul 18, 14 Open Wide And Swallow Those Bugs

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We all have had a bug fly in our mouth at one time or another, and our first thought after we gag is to spit it out quickly. However, in many parts of the world, insects are a delicacy. The term for this is “entomophagy,” which is the consumption of insects for food.

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Dolphin Mercenaries Get A New Master

Jul 18, 14 Dolphin Mercenaries Get A New Master

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The various ways in which we exploit dolphins are particularly alarming. A lot of dolphins are still taken from the wild each year for food or dolphin entertainment facilities. But how about dolphins as weapons or dolphins as mercenaries?

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Why Is Trending So Trendy?

Jul 17, 14 Why Is Trending So Trendy?

Posted by in Juxtaposed In Japan, Technology

Why is trending so trendy? I know that it first sounds a little like "why is bread so bready?" - but the question is whether much of what is trending is doing so because it is of genuine interest to people, and can give us an indication, a fascinating indication, of what a huge collective of people from a wide range of demographics and countries are concerned and entertained by.

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Hello, Jibo

Do you remember Rosie, the robot maid, from the Jetsons? Remember how she was always treated as a character in her own right and not just as an appliance. I will not deny that I have always dreamed about having just such a robot companion. Those dreams will soon become a possible reality.

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Albedo And The Dark Snow Problem

Jul 17, 14 Albedo And The Dark Snow Problem

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Snow is a word that conjures up many images in the mind and is associated with purity and clean environments. But from the world’s highest glaciers falling down the slopes of Everest to the vast frozen wastes of the polar regions, white snow is becoming an increasingly rare thing and “dark snow” is taking its place.

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So Long And Farewell

Jul 17, 14 So Long And Farewell

Posted by in Gamemaster's Grimoire

Welcome to the final entry of Gamemaster's Grimoire. It has been an amazing ride, but like all good things, it must come to an end.

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