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Rayshell E. Clapper is an Associate Professor of English at a rural college in Oklahoma where she teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition classes. She has presented her original fiction and non-fiction at several conferences and events including: Scissortail Creative Writing Festival, Howlers and Yawpers Creativity Symposium, Southwest/Texas Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association Regional Conference, and Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. Her publications include Cybersoleil Journal, Sugar Mule Literary Magazine, Red Dirt Anthology, Originals, and Oklahoma English Journal. Beyond her written works, she successfully created a writer's group in rural Oklahoma to support burgeoning writers. The written word is her passion, and all she experiences inspires that passion. She hopes to help inspire others through her words.

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Changing The Stigma On Mental Illness To Help Us All

Sep 16, 14 Changing The Stigma On Mental Illness To Help Us All

Posted by in Mental Health

Many people have experienced some sort of mental health issue or illness. Whether that is depression, stress, schizophrenia, a phobia, or any one of the hundreds of other mental health diagnoses out there. Even grief can be classified as a mental health issue. Many people simply do not seek the mental health care they need to be healthy. Why is that?

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National Chicken Month: Celebrating The Original White Meat

Sep 02, 14 National Chicken Month: Celebrating The Original White Meat

Posted by in Health, Seasonal

Okay, so I am a vegetarian, but almost everyone in my life is a carnivore, and most of my carnivorous co-workers, friends, and family members love chicken. People love their chicken. And for all the chicken lovers out there, I have good news: September is National Chicken Month. That’s right. September is an entire month devoted to celebrating and eating chicken.

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Changing The Way We Think Of Deadlines

Sep 01, 14 Changing The Way We Think Of Deadlines

Posted by in Science

There are some people who love deadlines. Then there are those people who completely freak at the thought of deadlines. Regardless of whether we love the deadline, hate it, or simply live with it, how we think about deadlines actually may help us to better and more effectively reach our goals.

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Too Much Liking And Facebook Turns Ugly

Aug 13, 14 Too Much Liking And Facebook Turns Ugly

Posted by in Lifestyle, Technology

Anyone who has a Facebook account has probably ‘liked’ something. Sometimes the only way we communicate with each other is by liking each other’s posts. One journalist for WIRED wanted to see just what happened when he liked everything Facebook had to throw at him, whether it was something he truly liked or not. Turns out, he did not like what happened, not at all.

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How To Improve Water Efficiency And Curtail Water Use

Jul 23, 14 How To Improve Water Efficiency And Curtail Water Use

Posted by in Science

Visiting with locals lead to many discussions about the concerns and issues they see with water availability or, more accurately, lack of availability. The seriousness of the water issues is palpable. Water availability is quickly becoming one of the most urgent issues for much of the United States, as well as other countries across the world.

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Another Place For The Family

Jul 22, 14 Another Place For The Family

Posted by in Lifestyle

Earlier this, I wrote about Black River Lodge in Missouri as an option for family vacations. I wanted to harken back to that blog post and talk about another type of “staycation” of sorts, especially for those who live near a coast. Specifically, I want to talk about Sea Ranch, California

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Sun Signs: Pisces

Jul 20, 14 Sun Signs: Pisces

Posted by in Lifestyle

Well, here we are at the end of the zodiacal cycle. Up to this point, we have learned about the other 11 signs. What is this final sign? Pisces hold the place as the last sign in the zodiac, and it also holds the reputation as the chameleons of the zodiac

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Sun Signs: Aquarius

Jul 19, 14 Sun Signs: Aquarius

Posted by in Lifestyle

We are quickly wrapping up the series on the zodiac. Right now, we have the penultimate sign of the series: Aquarius. Anyone born from January 21through to February 19 is an Aquarius. This sign is the sign of change.

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Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Jul 18, 14 Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Posted by in Lifestyle

I have written about many different National Parks over the years, but seldom have I written about National Forests, despite the fact that I spend more time in National Forests than I do National Parks. So, I figured it was time to spread the love and attention to National Forests as well.

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Helping Headaches Heal (Part 3)

Jul 17, 14 Helping Headaches Heal (Part 3)

Posted by in Health

Part 1 and Part 2 identified the first 14 tips that Health.com gives to help those of us who suffer from headaches. Now let’s look at the last seven to have a full scope of options to help heal our headaches and possibly even prevent them.

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