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Joshua is a freelance writer, aspiring novelist, and avid table-top gamer who has been in love with the hobby ever since it was first introduced to him by a friend in 1996. Currently he acts as the Gamemaster in three separate games and is also a player in a fourth. When he is not busy rolling dice to save the world or destroying the hopes and dreams of his players, he is usually found either with his nose in a book or working on his own. He has degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Economics.

Here are my most recent posts:

Take Hold Of Destiny

Sep 14, 14 Take Hold Of Destiny

Posted by in Gaming, Miracles Of The Modern

I do not pay much attention to video game hype anymore. Too many times bitten, I guess. It is easy to hype up a game, after all, and it can be a whole other matter to actually carry through with it and have a game live up to all that hype. Well, from the look of things, Bungie's newest title, Destiny, might be doing just that.

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Getting Ready For The Game With Chemistry

With football season just starting, you know what that means; friends over, grilling out, and ice cold beers. Well, thanks to our friends over at Reactions, we have a few quick tips for making your kickoff party even better with a little bit of chemistry thrown in for good measure.

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Let’s Levitate

Be it fantasy or science fiction, I have always loved the idea of levitation. When I was little, movies promised me hover boards and flying cars by the turn of the century. Well, it's 2014 now and I still do not see anyone scooting by on hover boards. Maybe all that stuff about levitation technology was just a dream of the imaginative mind. Or maybe not.

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What Is So Bad About MSG?

Aug 26, 14 What Is So Bad About MSG?

Posted by in Health, Miracles Of The Modern

Some of my favorite foods in the world are Thai, Chinese, and sushi. Often when I go to some of my favorite restaurants, I see signs or notices in menus claiming “no MSG” or “no MSG added,” but I never really knew what MSG was. So what is MSG? Is it really as bad for you as people think? And where did this fear of it stem from? The answers may surprise you.

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Meet A.L.O., The Robo-Butler

How incredible would it be to have your very own robot housekeeper just like in The Jetsons? While a fully autonomous robo-maid might still be some ways off, there are steps being made in that general direction, such as A.L.O., the Aloft Botlrs.

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The Music Of The Sky

Nature is full of its own wonderful music, if you just take the time to listen. Normally, when someone says something like this, they are referring to the song of birds or the sound of wind. It is beautiful in its own right. Now, nature has taken up a different tune. Someone thought it would be a remarkable thing to teach the clouds how to play a piano. You know what? They were right.

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WiFi Kitty

I always knew that cats were smarter than dogs, but who knew that a cat could hunt down an open WiFi connections in your area? In a rather amusing little experiment that began out of nothing more then the amusement gained from the idea, Gene Bransfield, a security professional at Tenacity Solutions, sent a cat out into the neighborhood with a special WiFi roaming collar.

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A Look At Rocket Science

Aug 05, 14 A Look At Rocket Science

Posted by in Miracles Of The Modern, Space

You have all heard the expression “it’s not rocket science” to describe something you think is complicated while someone else finds it easy, or at least easier than you are presently making it. Having heard this so often, I began to wonder how hard actual rocket science is. I mean, if it is the standard for how difficult everything else is, it would be nice to be able to examine a baseline.

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Color Changing Ice Cream

Jul 31, 14 Color Changing Ice Cream

Posted by in Miracles Of The Modern, Science

Science was born in the kitchen, or so I have heard it said. This was true for Manuel Linares, 37, who studied physics and engineering in college before deciding that his true passion lay in cooking, which prompted him to take a class on ice cream making at Hotel Business School Hoffman in Barcelona.

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Butt-Sniffing Dogs: Chemical Communication Between Canines

Jul 30, 14 Butt-Sniffing Dogs: Chemical Communication Between Canines

Posted by in Miracles Of The Modern, Science

Love them or not, dogs are fascinating creatures. These lovable, loyal, furry animals have been our companions for centuries, and yet there is still a lot about them that remains a mystery to many of us. For example, why do dogs like to sniff each other’s rear ends so much?

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