About Joshua Garrett

Joshua is a freelance writer, aspiring novelist, and avid table-top gamer who has been in love with the hobby ever since it was first introduced to him by a friend in 1996. Currently he acts as the Gamemaster in three separate games and is also a player in a fourth. When he is not busy rolling dice to save the world or destroying the hopes and dreams of his players, he is usually found either with his nose in a book or working on his own. He has degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Economics.

Here are my most recent posts:

Antibiotic Acknowledgment

Sep 28, 14 Antibiotic Acknowledgment

Posted by in Health, Miracles Of The Modern

How much do you really know about antibiotics? I mean, what's to know, right? They are medicine. You take them in order to feel better. Once they have done their job and you are feeling better, it’s fine to just throw out the rest of the bottle, right? I mean, your doctor probably just prescribed that many to you because they were not sure how much it would take to get you back on your feet. Wrong.

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Apple Gets Bent

So many people were so excited to get their new iPhone 6's, and what did they get? A lot less than they expected, in most cases. One major issue that has been trending ever since the iPhone 6's release is the issue of phones being somewhat flimsy and easily bent and otherwise damaged.

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The Fall Colors Of Chemistry

Sep 25, 14 The Fall Colors Of Chemistry

Posted by in Miracles Of The Modern, Science

I adore this time of year. Overall, I think fall is my favorite season. Not as hot as summer, nor as cold as winter. Sure, spring is pretty good too, but fall is just my sort of season. Have you ever wondered what makes the leaves change their colors in fall? What makes them lose their green? Well, surprise surprise, as our friends over at Reactions tell us, it's chemistry.

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Living In A Future Home

Have you ever wanted to control your home with an app on your phone? Really, to tell you the truth, I really never thought about before but after watching the demonstration for Future Home, I will admit that it is a really neat idea.

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The Makeup Of A Smartphone

The iPhone 6 goes on sale in stores today. Are you excited? How much do you really know about your iPhone? No, I am not talking about its “specs.” I mean really, how much do you know about what your phone really is? Well, in case you were wondering, our friends over at Reactions have looked into it for us. What did they find out?

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Take Hold Of Destiny

Sep 14, 14 Take Hold Of Destiny

Posted by in Gaming, Miracles Of The Modern

I do not pay much attention to video game hype anymore. Too many times bitten, I guess. It is easy to hype up a game, after all, and it can be a whole other matter to actually carry through with it and have a game live up to all that hype. Well, from the look of things, Bungie's newest title, Destiny, might be doing just that.

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Getting Ready For The Game With Chemistry

With football season just starting, you know what that means; friends over, grilling out, and ice cold beers. Well, thanks to our friends over at Reactions, we have a few quick tips for making your kickoff party even better with a little bit of chemistry thrown in for good measure.

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Let’s Levitate

Be it fantasy or science fiction, I have always loved the idea of levitation. When I was little, movies promised me hover boards and flying cars by the turn of the century. Well, it's 2014 now and I still do not see anyone scooting by on hover boards. Maybe all that stuff about levitation technology was just a dream of the imaginative mind. Or maybe not.

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What Is So Bad About MSG?

Aug 26, 14 What Is So Bad About MSG?

Posted by in Health, Miracles Of The Modern

Some of my favorite foods in the world are Thai, Chinese, and sushi. Often when I go to some of my favorite restaurants, I see signs or notices in menus claiming “no MSG” or “no MSG added,” but I never really knew what MSG was. So what is MSG? Is it really as bad for you as people think? And where did this fear of it stem from? The answers may surprise you.

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Meet A.L.O., The Robo-Butler

How incredible would it be to have your very own robot housekeeper just like in The Jetsons? While a fully autonomous robo-maid might still be some ways off, there are steps being made in that general direction, such as A.L.O., the Aloft Botlrs.

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