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John is a freelance writer from the UK, currently living in Japan and thoroughly enjoying their food and whiskey. His first novel, Three Little Boys, and his travel book, Following Football, are currently available on Amazon.com.

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Are we meant to be monogamous?

Jan 21, 15 Are we meant to be monogamous?

Posted by in Juxtaposed In Japan, Science

Are we meant to be monogamous? In December, a controversial article suggested that great swathes of males are giving up on women and retreating into a world of video games, chemical addiction and pornography, because public scrutiny of men has left the gender fearful and unskilled when it comes to relationships. Accurate or not, it sounds pretty similar to what's happening in Japan.

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Cool body-swap tech has ethical benefits

A body-swap – living in somebody else’s skin. It is a staple of science fiction, but now it transpires that it is actually relatively easy to give people the experience of being in another person’s body.

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Japan’s deadly New Year delicacy

New Year is the biggest and most important holiday in Japan, and various traditional foods are integral to the celebrations. Only one of them, though, takes the lives of several people almost every year, with nine being the sad total at the start of 2015. Poisonous puffer fish? Scorpion sashimi? Strangely, it is a small, simple rice cake that is so deadly.

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Taken to court for saving on airline tickets?

Jan 05, 15 Taken to court for saving on airline tickets?

Posted by in Juxtaposed In Japan, Technology

I recently blogged about a way to find cheaper air tickets by changing your location city on the search website, regardless of where you are flying from and to. But following the news of the young computer geek who helped people to find cheaper tickets with the “hidden city” method and may now be sued by United Airlines, I should probably watch out.

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It’s Christmas, so get restaurant music right, please!

I recently went to a restaurant and had my best meal of 2014 – when it came to the food itself, anyway. The food was interesting, tasty and beautifully presented; the only problem was the general atmosphere. I accept that that rustic vibe is not for everyone, but when it came to the music, I was pretty convinced I was right.

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Amazon’s huge Christmas Day sales reveal our holiday habits

You might think that there could be one sacred, holy day a year when we pause our relentless consumerism and concentrate on spending time with our loved ones enjoying centuries old traditions. Fat chance.

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Flight tickets can be cheaper using a ‘fake’ location

Flight tickets can be one of the most bewildering purchases you ever make, especially when it comes to pricing. People have long talked about different tricks to try to get a lower fare, such as buying on different days of the week. Changing your location on the search website is a new one to me.

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Evil Hackers Get The Better Of Bond

It is often quite bizarre, to me anyway, how Hollywood takes the chaos of the real world and turns it into entertainment, reducing it down to a two-hour package to be enjoyed from the comfort of our living rooms or a movie theater. But with Sony Pictures being hacked, suspiciously around the same time that they are about to release a movie that mocks North Korea, reality is biting back.

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Commenters Are Less Abusive When A Journalist Joins In

Researchers at the University of Texas, Purdue University, and University of Wyoming have been looking into ways of tackling the problem of abusive language in online comments sections, and found that if a recognized journalist gets involved, then the civility of the exchanges improves.

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Does Psy Really Deserve To Break YouTube?

It is a remarkable story for those interested in tech, and for those interested in pop culture: Psy almost broke YouTube when Gangnam Style approached a number of views so high that the YouTube counter was unable to cope with it. YouTube had to adapt their system, allowing Psy’s count to continue.

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