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April Flowers is a wandering gypsy, with a deep-seated conviction that every road she has not yet traveled is an adventure waiting to happen. Mentally and emotionally unable to stay in one place very long, April and her bright yellow Xterra can be found anywhere between Texas and South Dakota, following the wind. When she isn't hiking, kayaking, or flipping a coin to decide which way to turn on the next highway, she can be found writing everything from awesome redOrbit.com articles to a truly terrible novel and some stinky poetry.

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Capturing Archetypes: Twenty Years Of Sideshow Collectibles Art

Jun 30, 14 Capturing Archetypes: Twenty Years Of Sideshow Collectibles Art

Posted by in Lifestyle

In the last year of returning to my geek roots, I have been privileged to hold many beautiful art books ranging from the art of movies, to the art of book covers, to the art of paleoartists. None have been as visually stunning as Capturing Archetypes.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm

Jun 27, 14 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Firestorm

Posted by in Media & Entertainment

On July 11, 2014, the latest movie in the Planet of the Apes reboot series is being released: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The movie begins 10 years after the end of the last one, with Caesar and his army of apes fighting against the remnants of humanity. But what happens in those intervening ten years?

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The Healing Revolution – A Book Review

Jun 26, 14 The Healing Revolution – A Book Review

Posted by in Health, Lifestyle

Dr. Frank King is a chiropractor, a naturopath, the founder of King Bio and a fourth generation American farmer in Asheville, North Carolina. He is also the author of The Healing Revolution: Eight ESSENTIALS to Awaken Life NATURALLY! The book was released in March of this year.

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Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Nerd Block

Jun 11, 14 Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Nerd Block

Posted by in Lifestyle

In my ongoing search to find products that our readers can relate to and would be interested in, I have discovered Nerd Block. Before I tell you about the Nerd Block box that I received, I need to apologize to you and the Nerd Block folks.

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Happy Geek Pride Day 2014

May 25, 14 Happy Geek Pride Day 2014

Posted by in Lifestyle, Seasonal

Today, May 25th, 2014 is the 10th annual Geek Pride Day. The celebration started in Spain in 2006, according to GeekHolidays, with the slogan "whoever is not geek, raise your lightsaber." Why a lightsaber? Because May 25, 1977 was the original release date of Star Wars: A New Hope.

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Hashtag: It’s Dictionary Official!

May 21, 14 Hashtag: It’s Dictionary Official!

Posted by in Technology

Merriam-Webster has recently released its list of new words to be added to the 150-year-old dictionary, and they are enlightening, to say the least. If you are new to the show, let me tell you that I have two degrees in English, so the language is very important to me.

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Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Conscious Box

May 19, 14 Subscription Boxes Unboxed – Conscious Box

Posted by in Health, Lifestyle

In my search to bring attention to products that would interest you, Dear Reader, I ran across Conscious Box. Conscious Box is another monthly subscription box that promises healthier living made easy.

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Normalcy Bias And Survival

May 18, 14 Normalcy Bias And Survival

Posted by in Science

When I watch movies or TV shows with disasters and terrorist plots, I always wonder why people give in and follow the few with the guns. Does this make sense? I think I finally found my answer, both for movies and real life. It's called normalcy bias, and most of us have problems with it.

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Uncovering Your Core Beliefs

Apr 30, 14 Uncovering Your Core Beliefs

Posted by in Mental Health

Part of a therapist's job is to ask you tough questions that lead you to discover yourself. This past week, my therapist asked a doozy that I'm having trouble processing. My two best ways to process are to do research and to write, so I thought I would combine both—and maybe we will all come out a little more self-aware.

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Pencourage-agous Growth Spurt

Apr 24, 14 Pencourage-agous Growth Spurt

Posted by in Technology

Last year, redOrbit's Michael Harper and I told you about a new kind of anti-social media site, called Pencourage, which was founded on the idea that social media is inherently exaggerated.

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