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Brenda is a wife and stay-at-home mother of two. When she isn’t busy riding herd on her family, she likes to read, write and peruse the Internet for ideas. She has an associates degree, but unfortunately it’s not in anything useful (like how to deal with teenagers or make them clean the house). She has learned how to deal with her family’s quirks and special needs by using humor and doing a lot of research.

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Technology In The Kitchen

Jan 12, 14 Technology In The Kitchen

Posted by in Technology

Hello. My name is Brenda and I’m an addict. A CrockPot addict. And I use them for everything. Now there is a new crockpot does everything your favorite crockpot already does, but you don't have to actually be there to do it!

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Our Pain Is Real!

Jun 20, 13 Our Pain Is Real!

Posted by in Health

In my previous blogs, I’ve talked about how painful fibromyalgia can be. And anyone who lives with this disease has heard from someone along the way, including some doctors, that the pain in all in our heads. Well, redOrbit’s own Lee Rannals has recently written an article about a recent study that says fibromyalgia pain is real.

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Did You Know: Accidental Discoveries And Inventions

Jun 16, 13 Did You Know: Accidental Discoveries And Inventions

Posted by in Science

There are thousands upon thousands of inventions out there that never ‘make it.’ There are some that are complete and utter accidents. Some are just ridiculous. But some of the best things around were actually invented for one specific purpose; only to find out they worked better as something else, or even had multiple uses.

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Say What? Science And Communication

Jun 15, 13 Say What? Science And Communication

Posted by in Science

Science and technology are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Twenty years ago, hardly anyone even knew what a cell phone was. And those that we saw were huge, clunky, heavy, ugly, and used by secretive government types in science fiction movies.

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World Blood Donation Day

Jun 14, 13 World Blood Donation Day

Posted by in Health

Every year, millions of people are given life-saving units of blood made possible only because of the selfless donations of others, like my husband and son. June 14, 2013 is World Blood Donation Day. This is a day to “give blood and save lives without asking for anything in return. Each year, a different country hosts the annual event and showcases unique cultural elements.”

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Protect Yourself From The Sun

Jun 08, 13 Protect Yourself From The Sun

Posted by in Health, Seasonal

As much as we love being outdoors, we need to be aware of the dangers from over exposure to the sun and to take the proper precautions to care for our skin properly.

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No Cost Summer Fun

Jun 07, 13 No Cost Summer Fun

Posted by in Lifestyle, Seasonal

Recently, redOrbit blogger extraordinaire Rayshell Clapper wrote about fun in the summer sun (or out of it). That got me to thinking about what I’m going to do to keep my kids busy this summer.

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Who Wants To Date A Geek?

Jun 05, 13 Who Wants To Date A Geek?

Posted by in Lifestyle

I recently saw an article on Yahoo about dating sites developed just for fans of Star Trek, or Trekkies, as they are commonly called. While, I found it quite humorous (and who wouldn’t?), it did get me to thinking about all the different types of dating sites out there. When I did a search, I was amazed at all the diverse sites I found that cater to specific needs/wants/likes.

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Summertime Science

Jun 02, 13 Summertime Science

Posted by in Education, Science

With only a few days left in the school year, I am already looking for ways to entertain my daughter while teaching her at the same time. Being in middle school means she is somewhere in between being a child and being a real teenager. For me, that means trying to balance fun and learning, without treating her like a ‘little kid’.

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Star Wars Inspired Food

May 02, 13 Star Wars Inspired Food

Posted by in Lifestyle, Seasonal

In my last article, I talked about how to combine May 4th and May 5th, celebrating Star Wars and Cinco de Mayo by making a Death Star piñata. In this one, I am going to give you some ideas of Mexican inspired Star Wars food that you can make.

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