The Texas Drought Continues

The National Drought Mitigation Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, released new findings this last week showing the drought levels in Texas continue to increase. They say that 11% of the state is in “exceptional” drought, which is the highest and most severe level.

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Crazy Ants Have Become A Crazy Problem In Texas

Once known as Rasberry Crazy Ants (named after Pearland, Texas resident Tom Rasberry, who first discovered them in the Houston area), this invasive species was already established in Brazil and is technically known as Nylanderia fulva, or the Tawny Crazy Ant. If you’ve ever seen one, you’ll understand its “crazy” moniker due to its erratic, irregular movement. The rest of their behavior as a species is pretty crazy, too.

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Floridian Burmese Pythons Wanted Dead Or…Well, Just Dead

Jan 15, 13 Floridian Burmese Pythons Wanted Dead Or…Well, Just Dead

Posted by in Natural Science

Burmese pythons have been slowly taking over the Florida Everglades since the late 1970s. The snake, native to Southeast Asia, was first discovered in 1979 and has been growing in numbers ever since.

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The Science Behind New Year’s Failures

Jan 06, 13 The Science Behind New Year’s Failures

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It’s now 2013 and I resolved to ditch the resolution tradition. I mean, why? Honestly, it’s because I’m tired of feeling like a failure when I have already forgotten them by the end of January.

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If Psychiatry Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

Nobody seems to have the truth but one thing everyone has agreed on is that the man, as a younger man, had a lot of prescriptions for mental illness doled out to him. As someone who has been medicated for over 20 years, I just have to weigh in on all of this.

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Things That Go Bump In The Night

One of my professional-but-comes-with-no-paycheck jobs is being the lead researcher for Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations. My function is to do all the background work on the residence or business, people involved, history of the area, and everything connected to the allegedly haunted location.

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Maybe Women Are Just Bitches After All

Why do women always get mad when a man asks them, “Do you have PMS or something, because you’re obviously in a bad mood?”

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What Is Our Obsession With Zombies?

For the longest time, I rejected everything zombie, simply because it seemed like the newest fad. Vampires became passé when everyone finally realized how annoying Kristin Stewart is, so the public had to find something new.

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The Science Behind A Co-Worker’s Tragedy

I’m a bitch. It’s no secret. So when I saw the news segment about an autistic child who wandered onto the access road of the busiest freeway in the city and was killed by a car, I immediately jumped to judgment and thought all kinds of horrible things about the irresponsible, incompetent parents.

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When The Teacher’s Away… What Happens During The Day?

How many questions do you ask your child about their school day that consists of more than “do you have any homework,” or “how was your day?” Sometimes there are other questions that don’t seem obvious that you might want to get answers to.

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