A Better Thanksgiving Through Chemistry

Nov 27, 13 A Better Thanksgiving Through Chemistry

Thursday is our national celebration of all things turkey and food, and nearly everyone is weighing in on how to make the perfect food. I’ve programs on the Food Network, early morning info-tainment programs and even a top ten list on The Late Show.

So it shouldn’t be that surprising when the American Chemical Society gets in on the act with their latest Bytesize Science episode. They have put together a video with five tips for making this year’s holiday even better through chemistry – regardless of whether you are brining a turkey, or cooking up some “wheat meat.”

We all have our traditions for Thanksgiving. For my family that involves TONS of food,  playing games and taking long afternoon naps. Whatever your traditions, your feast is packed with chemistry. This means you have a lot of room to experiment for a tastier, potentially more healthful meal.

The ACS video shows you the secret of brining explained, or the best way to make seitan — a.k.a. mock duck, gluten meat or wheat meat — or to find out whether cranberries are as packed with antioxidants after they’re cooked for sauce.

In one final chemistry take on Thanksgiving, the video includes a primer on the unpleasant aftermath of at least one annual ritual that most likely won’t change — overeating — and the best way to tackle it.

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