2012 / 2013: From One Spooky Season To The Next And Beyond

Dec 28, 12 2012 / 2013: From One Spooky Season To The Next And Beyond

Supernatural and paranormal experiences happen almost daily and to almost every one who is still breathing, but most do not realize it or refuse to believe it for what it is. The supernatural or paranormal isn’t only ghosts, spooks, haunts, ghouls, UFOs, and monsters, but that is what society has portrayed it as. For the sake of argument it could be any experience beyond normal daily life. Be it from a weird coincidence, to good or even bad luck, as long it is not a normal encounter.

For instance, your sitting at your kitchen table drinking your favorite beverage and the phone rings. So you get up, walk over to it and pick it up. You say hello, and the person on the other end also says hello, then you have a discussion on who called whom. I can vouch for this because that actually happened when I was younger. It rang simultaneously in two separate houses, and both people picked up the phone at the same time. Most would call that experience a coincidence, a glitch in the system, but actually it’s supernatural powers at work.

Well, 2012 was actually a slow year for the ghostly side of the supernatural realm. Either people haven’t come forward with claims or there were actually very few experiences that happened. Oh you see a variety of claims, but most are explainable, or even faked, and by looking at some of these photos and videos, it’s obvious. A lot of these claims are exaggerated accounts from a legend or story from the past, not to say there couldn’t be a hint of truth within them, but you get my point.

I have viewed hundreds of photos and videos of ghost claims, most were orbs, which could be a dust spec on the lens, or just as you snap the picture an insect flies by. Also photos of a mist, shadow, or a strange light, could be optical illusions from an array of different origins. Lens reflection is the most common explanation for these types of photos and videos. But, on the other hand, not all are explainable; some are really detailed and can actually be paranormal activity, not the movie though.

Now for the unexplainable, which is what interests me most. I have said in some previous blogs, that I have had numerous experiences happen to me personally, and believe whole-heartedly in the paranormal and supernatural portion of life, but one needs an open mind to enjoy the full facet of the unexplained.

Paranormal experiences are portrayed in the movies as evil, vicious attacks, but from all the experiences I have been through, and what I have heard others and seen on the World Wide Web. Very few, if any, are of evil intent. Remember Hollywood wants to have you watch their movies, so they are going to try to scare the crap out of you. In reality, paranormal and supernatural are just what they mean, out of the ordinary experience.

Looking forward into 2013, I will be on the hunt for more stories of supernatural and paranormal encounters, along with stories from the past. And if I get the chance to do some paranormal investigating myself, which I am hoping to do this coming year, I will share in detail any wild or unexplained encounters that befall me. Whether you believe or are a skeptic, one thing everyone can agree on is strange and unexplainable things happen.

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    The telephone experience used to be caused by phone company and broadcasting station staff in the olden days.
    A friend of mine at the now-defunct South West African Broadcasting Corporation in Windhoek, Namibia, dialed 063-202107 and 064-202107 at the same time on a Friday evening. Both towns (LĂĽdertiz and Walvis Bay) being fishing communities, where Fridays were heavier on alcohol than the rest of the week, a most vociferous shouting match ensued between both called parties, much to the hilarity of the Main Control staff… :)
    But then, we have ghost stories that are totally inexplicable too…!